why I joined the CERT and stay a member

Testimonials from founding members of the CERT.


“CERT provides opportunities that are not available anywhere else to the independent estimator; the shared ideas and resources are invaluable to my practice, and the brainpower to which the CERT provides access is the icing on the cake.”

Daniel G. Frondorf, CPE

DG Frondorf and Associates LLC, VCEF

Construction Estimating Consultants

Cincinnati, OH

513-706-7403 office-cell; 513-251-6294

a member of ASPE and CERT 


Since joining CERT in 2011 we’ve been able to expand our market nationwide to serve not only our local clients but those across the country knowing we have strategic partners in our CERT Members. The sharing of knowledge, experience, and information has proven invaluable.

John Forgos
2012-2013 President, Consulting Estimators Roundtable
Member: AACE, ASPE; peer reviewed and Validated CERT consulting estimator

4350 Hayden Run Road, Dublin, OH 43017
614-761-1157, Cell 614-648-6313


“Our initial association with CERT was one of curiosity and acquisitiveness. Quickly gaining and acting on the experiences of others is the difference between being successful and being a government statistic.”

All the Best,

Rich Ullrich, CPE, LEED AP®

Certified Professional Estimator

Everest Estimating, LLC

314.306.7535 ph.


My Company’s Website

Everest Estimating, LLC is VCEF (Validated Consulting Estimating Firm) as recognized by CERT (Consulting Estimators Round Table)

“Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Winston Churchill


As one of the four founding fathers of CERT , this organization as surpass my wildest dreams as to where Cert would eventually become.

As we started with four members and now there are 32 members of CERT paid members and 250 members of CEP.(construction estimators professional.). As John Forgos has stated we are nationwide with members of CERT. The members of this esteem organization have knowledge and experience yet to be tapped that you will not find in any text book, etc.

Bill Manfredonia CPE, VCEF



2011-2012 President , Consulting Estimators RoundTable

Member-ASPE, LIFETIME MEMBER-AACE, peer reviewed and Validated CERT Consulting Estimator

PH:  : 201-825-3361,

FAX:: 201-934-3361

EMAIL: manfredonia@msn.com

WEB: www.costcalculationsinc.com


Why CERT for me –

This is the only place I am able to work with companies doing the same thing I am doing. We have a chance to discuss common problems and solutions. It is an educational as well as a professional association. In addition, it allows members to work with other members and be comfortable that they are working with professionals that share the same ethical standards.

Lewis Finkel, F.C.P.E.

Professional Construction Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 4697

Stamford, CT 06907


Fax 203-547-6057



Professional Construction Services has obtained the highest level of peer review for services provided as a consulting firm by CERT (Consulting Estimators Round Table) – VCEF (Validated Consulting Estimating Firm)

Past National President – American Society of Professional Estimators

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin


I joined the Construction Estimators Round Table for one reason: To enhance our estimating income.  It was 2009 and times were slow.  CERT provided ideas on marketing, charging fees, insurance needs.  Now economic times are much better, but  I would not relinquish my CERT membership because of that, because I owe a lot of our corporate success to CERT.  Work with the opportunities CERT provides to get your name out there and the dues come back many fold.

Thanks for everything,


Jerry Mollenhauer CPE, LEED AP,

VP, Reliance Estimating Inc, VCEF

Web: www.relianceestimating.com

Email – jerry@relianceestimating.com

Phone: 612-877-1275

Reliance Estimating Inc

– Has attained the highest level of peer review, VCEF (Validated Consulting Estimating Firm)for services provided as a consulting firm, by CERT (the Consulting Estimators Round Table) –

-Is a Woman’s Business Enterprise, certified by WBENC

-Is a Targeted Woman Owned Business, certified by the MN Small Business Procurement Program


I have been a member of CERT for 2 years now and this association has been extremely beneficial in growing my business by having a great resource of fellow independent estimators to assist me in projects.

The knowledge of my fellow CERT members is also a big benefit when I join in on our monthly conference calls and hear how they are effectively running their business.

Carl Cathcart -CPE

ASPE Chapter 6- President / ASPE SW Certification Chair

7970 East Camelback Rd. # 511

Scottsdale AZ, 85251

(480) 748-8584

company email     carl@cpeestimating.com

company website  www.cpeestimating.com

ASPE website   http://www.aspenational.org



We all have many choices to make whether they be of professional or personal nature.  As an estimator and a business owner I have to make choices that are prudent and commensurate with the expectations assigned, therefore CERT was an obvious choice due to the wealth of knowledge available and the ability to become a Validated firm based on peer review from my esteemed colleagues.

Del Farley II,  E

ASPE Chapter 27 – President


Ellipse Consulting Services, ASPE, AIA, SBE

2692 Madison Road

Cincinnati OH, 45208

Phone: 513.444.8004