1) ” Best practices” members only roundtable conference calls  forum for discussion of professional and business issues particular to an independent consulting estimator company. Sit in with the best in the business!

2) A  “best practices” manual written by veteran consultants with the how to advice your practice can use.

3) Credentials- the CERT peer to peer Validation program tells clients that your firm has been reviewed and deemed a qualified consulting estimator practice.

4) Business marketing opportunities for CERT members such as help with marketing:

a) Via an online directory- see “cert-pro consultants” tab

b) Trade shows – plans are to have a booth at  industry events .

5) Industry information relevant to the needs of a consulting estimator specifically

6) A Linked In forum for general conditions discussions.

7) Speakers and expert witness bureaus. [in the works]

8) Affinity and discount programs for members to take advantage of.

a) CERT members can get 40% off a subscription to ENR [click here]

b) CERT members can receive a 20% discount on Frank Walker [] estimating reference books- Just use this code CERT20 at check out

8) Copy of proposal contract created by an attorney and valued at $2,500 is free to CERT members.

9) Expanded online directory by state

10) Forum for members to promote their publications.

11) Peer to peer mentoring

12) Business development

13) NEW- Every have issues explaining your fees to a prospective client?

  • All current and new members will receive a copy of a well honed excel spreadsheet customized by a 30 plus year veteran of a consultant practice. As the member contributing the document states: ” In general, I give this to the client with my proposal (or sometimes in advance) – that way they can see why I am charging the fee and that it is appropriate. Sometimes, they need the fee changed (lowered) and we can work on it by reducing the scope of the work – like cutting out meetings that I had included in the proposal, etc.” For someone establishing their practice we can’t imagine anything of more value than receiving a bona fide “live” tool like this. It will be included in new member “kits” going forward.

more to come…

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