membership application

NOTE- The form below is just a sample- if you wish to receive a full application- send us an email and we’ll forward the pdf version-





  1. Firm Name: ________________________________________________________________
  2. Principal/Owner:____________________________________________________________
  3. Address:___________________________City/State/Zip:____________________________
  4. Telephone:_________________________Fax:____________________________________
  5. Email of Principal:___________________ Website: ________________________________
  6. Applicant firm provides estimating services in which CSI Divisions? ____________________
    1. Is the applicant company a full time or part time enterprise (35 hours per week is considered full time) FT____   PT___
    2. Date the applicant firm was established ________; Incorporated? Y__ N__ If yes, in which State? _______
    3. Please list business structure: Sole Prop ____ LLC _____ S Corp _____ Other ______

10. Federal ID Number_______________________

11. Number of Employees excluding Principal: _____

12. Does the applicant firm carry insurance? (check all that apply): General Liability ____ Professional Liability ____ Workers Comp____ Automotive ____

13. Does the applicant firm perform other technical work besides cost estimating? (check all that apply):  Project Management ____ Scheduling____ Owner’s Representation ____

14. Other professional associations of which the applicant firm or principal is a member (check all that apply): ASPE __  AACE __  AIA __  PCEA __  CSI __  ABC __  AGC __  SMPS __  NAWIC __  ASA __ local chamber of commerce __ OTHER (please list)_______________

15. Credentials held by Principal of applicant firm____________________________________

16. Will you be willing to serve on a committee? Y__ N__

17. If yes on 16, please circle one: Education – Industry Awareness – Member Services – Membership – Best Practices Manual

18. How did you become aware of the CERT? ___________________________________


All new members of the CERT enter at one of these two levels depending on experience:

CONSULTANT ESTIMATOR FIRM (membership classification CEF)
Individual or firm primarily engaged in less than five years of full time private practice providing cost estimating services, independent of a contracting, construction management, or design firm.

ASSOCIATE COST ESTIMATING FIRM (membership classification ACEF)
Individual or firm engaged in providing cost estimating services on a part time basis while being primarily employed elsewhere for full or part time, so long as the estimating service is not for the primary employer. An ACEF designation shall only be valid for two years; in that time the firm should become fully independent and change classification to a CEF.

PLEASE REVIEW THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CERT MEMBERSHIP TYPES – a membership type will be assigned by the CERT Executive Director upon the review of the application; a non-refundable application fee of $100.00 must accompany this application in order to be reviewed

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