best practices manual chapter topics

Chapter topics [in no particular order] please let us know if you can think of others!

1) Business plan or screw the business plan? Rewriting the road map to business success.

2) Getting legal and don’t get sued

3) Financials- doing the books

4) Know your work habits & knowing your limits

5) Hours of operation

6) Documents & documenting

7) Working the room & marketing your experience

8) Getting  paid  & how much do you charge and defending your rates?

10) Partnerships with other consultants

11) Servicing the clients & diversifying your practice

12) Professional membership & credentials

13) Validation of your practice

14) Types of clients and who makes the decision to hire you

15) Bluffing like a pro

16) Buying software and technology

17) Firing a client

18)  Selling your firm to another

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